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    Grad Trip 2021

    Everything you need to know

    College graduation is a major milestone in every student’s life and should be celebrated!  Due to COVID-19 travel interruptions, many of you were not able to celebrate as planned!  So we decided to merge Fall Break, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend graduation trips into ONE massive weekend-- Making it the largest graduation trip in history! 


    • 50 universities 
    • Over 10,000 graduating seniors 
    • One weekend 
    • The celebration of a lifetime 

    Is my Fall Break package the same as Grad Trip 2021? 

    Land Package: If you purchased the land package, the program inclusions are identical and have not changed.

    Flight Package: We anticipate that most travelers for Grad Trip 2021 will not be flying from the originally planned destination, therefore the original air packages are no longer realistic. Any attendee who purchased an air package will be auto transferred to a "land package." Your trip price will become the original 'land package' price and your flight and airport ground transportation will no longer be included in the package. All of your 'land package' inclusions remain the same. 

     Will flights be offered in the future? 


    Our intention is to pick major airport hubs like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Dallas, etc, and offer group flights from those major cities. Attendees can purchase those group flights once available OR can book their own flights to Las Vegas. 

    What is the price of Grad Trip 2021?

    Every attendee, regardless of when they booked, will get the EARLY BIRD 'land package' pricing which for the Premium Hotel Package was $429. Also, all attendees regardless of when they booked, will also receive FREE Open Bar at our private event! 

    Will my account be charged automatically for Grad Trip? 


    Check your account for new package details. 

    What is my new payment plan? 

    We wanted to provide a very accommodating new payment plan for all attendees. Each attendee has a remaining balance of $429, less what you’ve already paid.   Please check your account for your specific payment details.  The remaining balance will be charged as follows: 

    10% - Nov 15th 2020 

    40% - February 15th 2021 

    50% - April 1st 2021 

    What if I paid in full for a flight package? 

    If you paid in full for a flight package, you will be refunded what you paid to date less $429. This way you are only paying for the 'land package.' Your air portion is returned to you. 

    When do I have to decide if I can attend Grad Trip? 

    All attendees will have until October 1st to decide if they would like to attend Grad Trip. This gives you time to get back to school, speak to your friends, and then make your decision. You will be eligible for a full refund as long as you notify us by October 1st, 2020.

    What if I can’t go on Grad Trip 2021?

    Our goal is to create opportunities that allow you to avoid missing out on key life milestones.  Senior Trips are a long-standing tradition that has grown every year for 7 years to become a true right of passage for graduating seniors.  You do not want to miss this! 

    However, if for whatever reason, you can not attend Grad Trip, you will receive a full refund. 

    What if I can’t go on Grad Trip 2021, how do I notify the company to authorize my refund?

    On Friday, June 5th, you will receive an email explaining the process of how you notify us if you're unable to attend and would like a full refund. 

    Refunds will be processed within 60 days of receiving cancellation notification.  

    If I am planning on attending Grad Trip, what do I have to do? 


    • Your account is in the process of being updated
    • Your new payment plan does not start until Nov 15th 
    • Start getting ready for the largest Grad Party in history!

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