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    Can I change the dates of my payment plans?

    Once you’ve started a payment plan you can’t change the dates, but you can pay it off in advance.

    Keep in mind, most airlines and hotels require full payment up front for your trip. JusCollege's payment plan has essentially extended a line of credit to you to pay for your trip. We have taken all of the risk by making deposits for your airline seat and hotel share, without collecting payment in full!

    If your order is placed on we list the payment check-out, order confirmation, and in every confirmation email we send for paid installments, the payment plan installation dates and and amounts will be listed for you.

    If your order is placed on, you can view your payment schedule by selecting Trip Payments on the left side of your profile!

    With that being said, we cannot assist in changing payment dates or amounts. If you have any issues with your payment date, contact us PRIOR to the installment date and we will do our best to assist you.

    If you reach out after the payment date, please be aware our options of assistance are limited.

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