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    What happens if I miss a payment or deposit?

    If an electronic charge for a Payment Plan Payments is declined, you allow us to resubmit the charge no more than five (5) times. What this means is that any payments missed as part of the payment plan for your order with us will be reattempted no more than five times after the initial processing attempt is made.

    If you would like to or need to change your card from the one on file please log into your account and update your payment information.

    Note: If your order is placed on and payments are missed, your status will change as follows:

    Overdue - 1 missed payment, you will still be listed as traveling with us.

    Pending - 2 missed payments, you will not be traveling with us until payments are caught up to current.

    Default - 3 missed payments, you will not be traveling with us and you will not be able to make any payments on your order until you contact us first.

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